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First Aid Art Kits- Arts in Health

I am super excited to be a part of a new project here in Walla Walla, WA providing art kits for folks who are quarantined at Providence St. Mary's Hospital. In a few days, people who are in isolation at the hospital will soon have a bounty of art booty to play with, as well as videos and tips from artists to guide them on their creative journey.

My first contribution is the The Line Game, the first of a series I will call Doodle Delights. This is a game I've played with my mom since I was a wee little girl, and one I continue to play with her to this day. We always get some giggles out of it, and that is medicine to the soul.

Another thing very col about this, is that anyone can play the game, and you don't even need the art kit!

Check it out- the first video explains how to play, and the second gives an example in action.

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