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Art making is a therapeutic process in which I am able to find release through color exploration and mark making.  


I absorb each moment, and I release the experience and it's repercussions through art- telling stories via a layering of experience with the work.  Bodies of work develop naturally through the meditative process of creating.  I work on up to 30 paintings at a time, allowing each  one to evolve, to take and give back.  Themes evolve over time, revealing themselves organically.  


Sometimes I can not easily define what a piece is 'about' until several months or years later when I can take a step back from myself, and objectively analyze the works.   


I find it interesting that some pieces affect people in completely opposite ways.  A work can be sad and lonely or calm and tranquil, energetic and lively or traumatic and disturbing. 


There is no solid line in art.  It is a fleeting representation of our time, and ourselves. 



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