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THERAPY- May 2015 show at PUMP Project

THERAPY was a great show!

We were able to donate over $600.00 to The Art Station, which will assist in providing art therapy to veterans. This above all, gives me a sense of accomplishment.

I am incredibly grateful for my fellow artist Matt Wester, who rocked the show with me, and all the great people- friends and strangers- who came to the opening. Special thanks to PUMP Project, and our friend Josh- who built the gallery and keeps things pumping.

Yes- we made beautiful art.

Yes- these peices are now providing an emotive interaction to those people who took them home and the guests that enjoy the works- another aspect of art therapy.

And YES - the pain, love, and artmaking process will come full circle:

...the experiences of Matt and I were processed through our hearts and minds and turned into art -->

this art was collected, enjoyed, and will be experienced by others -->

the funds generated by the purchase of the pieces will facilitate others in need of therapy to use the art making process to find a release for their pain and experience -->

these individuals create works of art which will then tell their story, and allow them to heal through the meditative process of release that is art making.

THIS is ART- at one of its finest hours.

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