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Did you know that viewing and making art elevates mood, encourages mindfulness, reduces stress, and stimulates the brain?
It can uplift us, help us find meaning, and grow our ability for emotional connections. 
You can explore it alone or with another person.

What are you waiting for?

Art time is your time. 

Custom classes are available all year long-
Contact me today to set up your art class, event, or party.

2023 Workshop Schedule:


Open Water_24_ x 36__oil on panel


My mission is to help people find release through art making. 


There is a place where things get quiet, and we forget judgement.  We find that we are able to listen more easily to ourselves and those around us.  We can stop fussing.   

I want to help you find this place. 


A world where art is accessible to all, and everyone knows it.


A world where no one ever says or thinks, "I'm not an artist". 

A world in which art making and appreciating is a known tool that everyone uses in their search for happiness and health.

A world where we are not afraid to try new things.

A world where we embrace the power of art, respect it, and are not afraid of it. 

A world where each individual is empowered through utilizing art to vent, process, work through, or escape their mental stresses and anxieties. 

sarah leighty
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